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Every individual should have access to art and culture in their daily lives. It's our goal to provide a medium between art enthusiasts and the artists themselves.


From the outset, our project's goal was to enable visitors to not only understand the art we display, but also to generate group discussions about the pieces as a way to bring culture into one's valuable leisure time. We have forged many partnerships over the years and obtained many patrons who support this initiative.


Our diverse, friendly team is interested in learning about what each of our visitors want to discover - whether they are young, old, big or small - let's get to know each other!



Sam Shacked is a creative American-Israeli portrait painter, born in Brussels, Belgium, now lives and works in New York City. Since 2014, Mr. Shacked has been affiliated with the Art Students League of NYC and has participated in many exhibits around New York.   “Art has always been a passion of mine; it’s the thrill of creation and invention”. Sam Shacked enjoy manipulating colors and hues to create illusions of reality while inserting his own deep feelings throughout his work. Most of the artwork Sam create combines a focus on realism with the blend of abstract for a genuine notion of life’s psychology and human nature.”


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Email: shacked29@gmail.com

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